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Message from the mayor – Let’s support our community

Dear Citizens,

We have been standing united for over four weeks now against COVID-19 by following the self-isolation guidelines to limit its spread.

I want to thank you for your collective efforts:

  • Thank you to the healthcare workers
  • Thank you to the essential service workers
  • Thank you to our families for taking care of each other
  • Thank you to our seniors for staying home
  • Thank you to our young people for socializing via text and video chat
  • Thank you to those working from home
  • Thank you to our merchants
  • Thank you to our volunteers

Thank you to our entire community!

I also invite you to show support for our merchants by buying local as much as possible. In doing so, we support local jobs. We encourage and provide a livelihood for our fellow citizens, and we support our economy, which benefits our entire community. In these difficult times, solidarity is the strength of the community.

Let’s all continue our collective efforts to beat COVID-19.

  • Stay home
  • Wash our hands regularly
  • Only go out for the essentials
  • And keep two metres apart

During this time of festivity, let’s celebrate a distance with our loved ones.

We are counting on you, and you can count on us.

John Belvedere

Mayor of Pointe-Claire