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Message from the mayor – Thank you to all our volunteers!

Dear Citizens,

As part of National Volunteer Week, I would like to acknowledge the volunteer involvement of all those who, during this pandemic, like at other times, have devoted themselves to helping others.

They do it selflessly, volunteering their time and expertise to help, comfort or simply be a presence for those in need.

Whether you are involved in the community, culture, sports or recreation, your generosity is commendable. Thank you on behalf of the entire community.

After over six weeks of confinement due to the pandemic, you are still here. You are just as present for our community, despite these exceptional circumstances.

Thank you for your involvement.

Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you for your accomplishments.

Thank you for helping make Pointe-Claire an even more tightly knit community.

Thank you for your solidarity.

On behalf of our entire community, thank you to our volunteers!

The pandemic unites us all collectively. Our common solidarity can now be seen; it’s on display. As proof, already over 600 messages of solidarity have been installed across our territory at your request. They can be seen in front of your homes, in parks, at the hospital, and in seniors’ centres. If you haven’t already done so, you can request a sign on the City’s website.

Let’s continue to be as united and committed as ever during the pandemic.

We will get through this together.


John Belvedere

The mayor