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Momentous event: The City Pointe-Claire held its first Pointe-Claire and Sport’Aide on November 18

The City Pointe-Claire is proud to have held its first event to highlight the objectives stemming from the collaboration between Pointe-Claire and Sport’Aide. On Saturday, November 18, athletes, coaches and other actors in the sports community met to discuss building and fostering a positive sports culture. Only those within the sports community, that is members of local sports clubs and organizations, were invited to partake in this event, though future initatives may be open to the public.

As part of this first event, the many in attendance were presented with the campaign’s values and objectives. Important discussions were held regarding the current state of sports culture and how the City will continue to offer its sports clubs, organizations, athletes, coaches and all active members a healthy and safe sports environment. This first event featured a panel of current and former Pointe-Claire athletes, coaches, and other sports actors, two campaign videos and important workshops regarding inclusion and acceptance.

In March of 2023, Pointe-Claire became the first municipality to have ever signed an agreement with Sport’Aide, whose mission is to provide organizations with the proper resources, tools and expertise to facilitate and help foster a positive and safe environment and sports culture, while striving to eliminate violence in sports.We hope that our approach will inspire other cities to follow suit, in fostering safe and secure sports environment for all members of the sports community.

This event is just the beginning of the exciting initiatives and actions to come. The City is dedicated, with the help of Sport’Aide, to provide safe and secure sports environment, to change the current narrative surrounding sports culture and to being a leader of change within Quebec.

Thank you again to all those who were in attendance and participated in this momentous event.