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Montréal orange alert – Establishment of new criteria for participating in activities

Due to the fact that the government has upgraded the island of Montréal to orange alert, the City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that new criteria for participating in indoor and outdoor activities have been set by public health authorities.

These new measures are effective immediately for all activities taking place in the City’s indoor and outdoor facilities.

For participants:

  • A maximum of 25 people may gather at one time per playing field or sports site, including participants and training staff.
  • For team sports, two teams may be on the same playing field or sports site at the same time, including the training staff.
  • For individual sports and leisure activities, a maximum of 25 people may gather at one time in the same location.
  • The maximum number of participants permitted for outdoor activities performed freely in open public spaces, such as parks, paths and bodies of water is based on their capacity in accordance with distancing guidelines. The rules for the Sailing Base and the Canoe Kayak Club remain the same.

For spectators:

  • The limit is one spectator per participant, up to a maximum of 25, as long as the stands are separate from participants. Spectators must observe two-metre physical distancing and wear a face covering. Once seated, the face covering may be removed.

These measures are subject to change at any time, based on the recommendations of public health authorities.

Due to the current situation, travel between the island of Montréal and other areas is not recommended by public health authorities.


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca