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120 seniors celebrate their involvement in our community

National Seniors Day

Pointe-Claire’s mayor and city councillors are pleased to announce the success of National Seniors Day, celebrated this past Friday, September 30, with 120 seniors, 9 high school students, and Aid for Seniors student employees.

“National Seniors Day is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and contribution of our seniors,” says Mayor Trudeau. “It’s also a way to honour them for their involvement in our community and within our families.”

To promote the development of intergenerational ties and youth involvement in the community, students from Lindsay Place High School participated in the event. They also marked the occasion by unveiling a unique, original mural created with seniors. It was their 4th intergenerational activity since the beginning of the school year.

“Our Aid for Seniors Program offers services that create as many interactions as possible for seniors and help them feel less isolated,” says the mayor. “It also helps our students make connections with seniors and become more aware of their reality. Sometimes, the students even discover new passions.”

Geoffrey Kelley, minister responsible for Native Affairs and member for Jacques-Cartier, was also present to celebrate this symbolic day.

“We’re proud of this afternoon of activities,” concludes Mayor Trudeau. “Once again this year, we’ve been able to highlight our seniors’ invaluable contributions in a warm and friendly atmosphere.”


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