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New platform to obtain an identification tag for your dog and pay your annual registration fees

The City announces a new platform for dog owners that centralizes all information relating to their pet in one place, while facilitating the process of obtaining a tag and paying annual registration fees.

Under the City by-law, it is mandatory to register your dog and pay the annual fees. The amount is $25 taxes included for 2022.

Register online in just a few clicks

Registering online is quick and easy and allows annual fees to be paid using a smartphone, computer or tablet. An email reminder will also be sent to the owner one month before the renewal date.

Register online now: emili.net.

Personalized file for your dog

During registration, dog owners will create a file for their pet by specifying its name, breed, colour, weight and even adding a photo. These criteria will help identify the dog if necessary. The file can also include details of the dog’s health record with vaccination dates, information on microchipping, allergies or even past and future appointments with the veterinarian.

Tag for life

Following registration and payment, the owner will receive by mail, in the following weeks and at the end of May at the earliest, a new tag with a number and an integrated chip that their animal will wear for life. In case of loss or breakage, replace the tag for $5 by reporting it on the platform.

Reuniting dogs and owners more easily

The new platform also allows the owner to report their lost pet or to receive an email when a missing dog is reported, within a five-kilometre radius from the last place where it was seen.

It also allows City inspectors to find the owner of a lost dog more quickly by scanning the chip and communicating directly with that person.

Registration assistance and support service

A support service is also available through the platform (1 800 937-0478, support@emili.net), whether for registration, forgotten password or navigation assistance.

Alternatively, a dog owner can still go to City Hall to register. Note that no tag will be given on site and that it will be sent by mail in the weeks following registration.

Information : 514-630-1300, extension 1829, taxes@pointe-claire.ca