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New road safety campaign: I slow down for…

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council announce the launch of the new “I slow down for…” campaign to raise awareness in the community about following speed limits and sharing the road throughout the city. Drivers will be encouraged to slow down to protect our children, our families, our neighbours, and our entire community! Signs will be posted around the city to remind you of the importance of sharing the road and being careful.

“The safety of everyone on our streets, bike paths and sidewalks is of the utmost importance. This new campaign invites those who wish to do so to contribute, in their own way, to making their neighbours, families and friends aware of the importance of civic-mindedness and respect for speed limits in Pointe-Claire. The community’s concern for safety and strong participation have encouraged us to maintain and improve this friendly and positive campaign,” Mayor Belvedere said.

Recommend a radar speed sign

As part of this campaign, the City is also calling on the community to recommend locations for radar speed signs to be installed this summer. Three speed signs will be set up in as many areas each week, covering more than 60 streets in the area.

Your recommendations may be for a sector, an intersection, an address, a public place, etc. We would ask that you specify the traffic direction. For example: In front of City Hall, on Saint-Jean Boulevard, northbound.

Fill out the form by May 21 to share your recommendation with us.

Requests will be reviewed by the Inspection – Public Security Department and the schedule of locations will available at the end of May and will be posted on this Web page.

Reserve a sign for your home

Become a public safety promoter in your neighbourhood by choosing your own sign explaining who you slow down for in the city! Order one of the campaign’s seven visuals for your property by filling out the form. The Inspection – Public Security team will install it. Please allow one week for installation.

These are the models to choose from:

“Let’s slow down and continue to work together to make Pointe-Claire a safe place for everyone to travel,” Mayor Belvedere concluded.