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November 16, 2022 – Update from the Provincial Government on Covid-19 and the increase in respiratory viruses

Here is a status report on the recent decisions and actions of the provincial and federal governments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and increase in respiratory viruses.

Christian Dubé, Minister of Health, along with the Dr. Luc Boileau, National Director of Public Health, and Daniel Desharnais, Coordinator of the Crisis Unit and Assistant Deputy Minister of the Direction générale de la coordination du réseau (General Directorate for Network Coordination), provide an update on the resurgence of various respiratory viruses and the situation in Quebec hospitals.

Public Health Recommendations

In the current context of increased transmission of these various respiratory viruses, which are putting considerable pressure on the province’s health network, Public Health is issuing three main recommendations:

  1. Everyone should wear a mask in busy public places, except in schools and daycares;
  2. Wash your hands regularly to prevent the spread of viruses, such as influenza;
  3. Stay home if you have a fever linked to a respiratory infection, and wear a mask until other symptoms have vanished.

A civic responsibility

Public Health would like to point out that having everyone wear a mask in busy public places is not an obligation, but a recommendation, and a reminder of the importance of civic responsibility.