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November 2, 2021 – Provincial government update on the COVID-19 pandemic

Here is an update on recent decisions and actions by the provincial government related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easing of several health measures as of November 15

Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services, Horacio Arruda, National Director of Public Health in Québec, and Daniel Paré, Director of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Québec, have announced the easing of a series of health measures, taking effect November 15, 2021.

“Easing these measures reflects our efforts to adjust them to the epidemiological reality observed at this time. It is still crucial to remain cautious, but we must also give Quebecers some hope, in a realistic way, in order to revitalize the economy and activities that are part of a more normal life,” Christian Dubé said.

End of mandatory face coverings in high school classrooms

Wearing a face covering in class will no longer be mandatory in secondary schools, but it will still be required in common areas and in school bus transportation.

End of customer register

Keeping a register of customers will no longer be mandatory in restaurants and bars; however, private seniors’ residences will have to maintain it.

Restaurants and bars

Dancing and standing will be permitted while wearing a face covering in Québec restaurants and bars.

Karaoke will also be allowed, but the singers will have to wear a face covering if they are not two metres apart from other people or behind a physical barrier.

These changes will also apply to casinos and gaming houses.


The mandatory telework recommendation will end. Each employer will be able to determine the preferred formula based on their needs.

Outdoor winter sports and leisure activities

The vaccine passport will be required for activities requiring the use of a ski lift. A face covering, neck mask or scarf will be mandatory in closed gondolas.

The vaccine passport will not be required for outdoor winter activities such as cross-country skiing and hockey. Face coverings will be required in indoor facilities surrounding these activities (chalets with no food services, skate shacks, etc.).

For chalets with food services, the vaccine passport will be required to access them. A face covering will remain mandatory, except when drinking and eating.

Leisure and sports

In fitness centres, a face covering will be mandatory when moving around; however, it can be removed during intense physical activity, such as when using a treadmill, in which case, a two-metre distance must be maintained.

There will no longer be a limit in the number of participants for sports and leisure activities since the vaccine passport will be required.

Public gatherings, funerals, cultural venues, performance halls, conventions, conferences

For all public gatherings, it will be permitted to stand, not having an assigned seat, and dance.

For essential activities related to work or ceremonies such as weddings, funerals or religious ceremonies, the vaccine passport will not be mandatory; however, one-metre distancing, wearing a face covering and limiting the capacity to 250 people indoors (500 outside) will be imposed.

Non-essential gatherings, such as conventions, conferences, performances, festivals and events, will require a vaccine passport, but distancing will no longer be required and there will be no capacity limit.

Wearing a face covering will, however, remain mandatory indoors, except when drinking and eating.

First dose of COVID-19 vaccine for children before the Holidays

It is expected that a first dose of the vaccine could be offered to youth aged 5 to 11 before Christmas, if Health Canada authorizes the vaccine soon.