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October 30, 2020 – Federal government update on the COVID-19 pandemic

Here is an update on recent decisions and actions by the Canadian government in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the number of cases of people infected or dying in Canada has gone up each day for the last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling on Canadians to reduce their social contacts by 25%.

“It’s a difficult situation but it’s temporary and requires us to make an effort. It’s temporary for the coming weeks and months, not hours and days, which of course we’d prefer,” said Mr. Trudeau.

He reiterated that the situation is already better than it was in the spring when the entire nation had to go into lockdown to fight the spread of the virus.

“Now we have better tools and we’re taking more targeted action. But as individuals, we must reduce our contacts,” said the prime minister.

Improved app

The smart phone app COVID Alert was updated in order to be able to record the date of the test, the onset of symptoms and positive results.

Prime Minister Trudeau asked Canadians to download the app in order to facilitate the tracing and then the screening of infected people who are asymptomatic or who have been exposed.

Assistance for Indigenous communities

Justin Trudeau also announced $250 million in additional assistance for Indigenous communities to counter the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Schools and daycares will be receiving $120 million so that they can continue their activities despite the pandemic. Some 35,000 children should benefit from these funds.