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Over 13 kilometres of roads redeveloped and work carried out in 10 parks in 2017

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform residents about the many infrastructure and development projects that were completed within the territory of the City since last spring, affecting a total of 13 kilometres of roads and 10 parks. The constant improvement of its infrastructure and public facilities allows the City to offer its residents a better quality of life.

Work on our roads

  • Nine kilometres of roads were renovated on Roundtree-Crescent, Pendennis, Labrosse, Tecumseh, Highgate, Brigadoon, Sedgefield, Eldon, Norwood, Ambassador, Glenbrook-Crescent, Saint-Louis, Donegani, and Fifth Avenues, as well as Cartier Avenue, which will be completed in the next few days.
  • The intersection of Saint-Jean and Hymus Boulevards was rebuilt to improve the safety of users crossing the street, Hymus Boulevard was rebuilt up to Manfred Avenue, and two rainwater retention basins were installed.
  • Over four kilometres of bicycle paths were rebuilt and/or developed in order to improve the City’s cycling network and promote alternative modes of transportation. This affected Hymus Boulevard, and Donegani, Labrosse, Saint-Louis, and Cartier Avenues.

Work in our parks

  • A splash pad was installed in Valois Park and was enjoyed by families during the summer. The structure also included shaded rest areas, restrooms, changing rooms, and access points for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Borders around the playgrounds in Empress, Lansdowne, and Stockwell Parks were redeveloped, and the adjacent areas were improved to make them safer.
  • Drinking fountains were installed in Cedar Park Heights and Ovide Parks.
  • Four new activity panels were installed in Clearpoint Park for children aged 5 to 12 and are accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • The soccer field surface at Hermitage Park was entirely redeveloped: its foundation was rebuilt, a drainage and sprinkler system were installed, and the grass was replaced. Paths and rest areas were also redesigned and entrances on Glenforest and Greystone Avenues were added to ensure universal accessibility. Bleachers and a drinking fountain were also installed.
  • The complete renovation of the chalet at Terra-Cotta Natural Park included repainting the building, modernizing the changing rooms according to updated standards, adding storage spaces, and making the chalet even safer with personalized access. The dog park was also expanded by 600 square metres.
  • The monarch butterfly educational garden was developed at the intersection of Belmont and Saddlewood Avenues, near Terra-Cotta Natural Park. A path, a bench, and interpretive panels were installed to allow everyone to learn more about this insect.
  • A bee educational garden was also developed at the Viburnum Avenue entrance to Terra-Cotta Natural Park. Interpretive panels will allow users to understand the role bees play in protecting biodiversity. The garden is expected to open in the summer of 2018.
  • The ongoing reconstruction of the Kinsmen Park chalet, which is expected to open in the summer of 2018, will add new changing rooms and a multipurpose room that can be used to host various activities. The wading pool and the pool’s filtration system will be rebuilt.
  • These projects reflect the City’s commitment to offer residents a community that respects the environment, favours economic development, and focuses on current and future generations.


Information: 514-630-1208, ingenierie@pointe-claire.ca