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Permanent mural unveiled at entrance to Valois Station tunnel

Focus on transportation

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, yesterday unveiled the permanent mural on the walls of the entrance structure to the Valois station tunnel. Also present were representatives of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and MU.

“This new mural illustrates the vitality and energy of our community,” said the mayor. “It shows many different systems of transportation whose development is directly related to the history of Pointe-Claire. Through shapes, symbols and colours, we recognize various elements that are characteristic of this sector, including major throughways, railway lines, and the pedestrian tunnel.”

The project was carried out by MU and in partnership with the AMT.

“The Agence métropolitaine de transport is proud to be associated with the City of Pointe-Claire for this project,” said the AMT’s Vice-President – Operations, Stéphane Lapierre. “We are committed to developing and maintaining partnerships with communities and municipalities around our facilities that are respectful, open, and positive for all. When creativity is involved, and our passengers’ travels get to be more fun – we like it even better!”

Mayor Trudeau also emphasized the remarkable work carried out by artist Ilana Pichon and her team from MU, who created the mural.

According to Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, Executive and Artistic Director of MU, “Ilana was inspired by the very specific theme of transportation to create a work of art that avoids the pitfall of figurative representation, yet perfectly illustrates the issues. The mural combines educational elements with an unexpected contemporary look. It’s a happy surprise for spectators, myself included!”

“This third project of the Public Art Committee brings more beauty to a place that is used by many users of mass transit,” notes the mayor. “The Committee’s purpose is to promote the creation of public works. We invite everyone to come and take a closer look at this artistic achievement.”

Photo-pour-communiquéThe mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire and the partners took part in the unveiling of the mural.
From left to right: Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, Executive and Artistic Director of MU, Stéphane Lapierre, AMT’s Vice-President – Operations, Ilana Pichon, artist of MU, Morris Trudeau, mayor of Pointe-Claire, Kelly Thorstad-Cullen, City councillor –Valois District.



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