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Pilot project: Eradication of buckthorn in Terra-Cotta Natural Park

Over the next few weeks, the City of Pointe-Clair will apply a treatment on buckthorn stumps in Terra-Cotta Natural Park. This treatment prevents regrowth of this invasive exotic species.

Buckthorn prevents the natural regeneration of native species and has a serious impact on biodiversity. This plant spreads easily and invades areas to the extent that it becomes the sole species. Buckthorn also affects the composition, structure and function of soil ecosystems, which is harmful to the surrounding plant life. It is a threat to parks and natural woodlands.

Last winter, our teams cut down the buckthorn in Terra-Cotta Natural Park. To prevent its regrowth, a fungal pathogen that is naturally present in Québec forest ecosystems will be applied to the stumps. The risks to the surrounding plant life and wildlife are very low; this treatment has proven to be effective in other parks on the Island of Montréal. Trees and native vegetation will be planted in this area between fall 2021 and spring 2022.

If the treatment is effective, it might be used in other buckthorn-infested green spaces on the City’s territory.

Information: 514-630-1230, tp@pointe-claire.ca