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Pointe-Claire athletes and coach honored by Diving Canada

It is with great pride that the City of Pointe-Claire would like to highlight the outstanding 2023 season of all its athletes, coaches, volunteers, and all who contribute to making the Aquatics clubs successful and positive sports environment. The Pointe-Claire Aquatics Club, its coaches and athletes were recognized for their outstanding performances, passion, and work ethic at Diving Canada’s annual awards ceremony.

At the event, three members of the Pointe-Claire Aquatics Club were acclaimed by their peers. Diving coach David Bédard received the Impact Coach Award, while diver Nathan Zsombor-Murray was named Male Diver of the Year, and diver Caeli McKay received the Ripple Affect Award.

2023 Coaching Impact Award – David Bédard

David Bédard has been awarded the 2023 Coaching Impact Award in recognition of his leadership, for being a positive role model and for his numerous contributions to Diving Canada. His inspiring passion and love for the sport, as well as his devotion and dedication to his craft, have made him the perfect candidate to receive this award.

As a former four-time Olympic Diver, Bédard brings experience and a culture of excellence to the Pointe-Claire Aquatics club. He inspires athletes to be the best they can be and elevates their capabilities in competition.

2023 Male Diver of the Year – Nathan Zsombor-Murray

Nathan Zsombor-Murray, who has represented the Pointe-Claire Aquatics club for over 15 years, has been awarded the Male Diver of the Year award by Diving Canada. His impressive results over the last year of competition, his dedication and commitment to his sport and his positive brand image have made him the perfect candidate for this award.

 2023 Ripple Affect Award – Caeli McKay

Caeli McKay has been awarded the Ripple Affect Award for being an important role model, embodying positive values and for having impacted others in a positive way. Her ability to put up impressive results in competition, her determination and work ethic, as well as being a strong role model for young athletes has made her the perfect candidate for the 2023 Ripple Affect Award.

The City of Pointe-Claire wishes to congratulate these three passionate competitors and positive role models for their awards, and more importantly, on the positive impact they have on the sports community. Through its partnership with Sport’Aide, Pointe-Claire wants to continue to offer a positive and safe sports environment for its athletes, the very values these award-winning sports actors embody in competition, in training and in their everyday life.

Click here for the full list of winners: https://diving.ca/2023awards-2/ 









The awards you have received demonstrate how much you care about your sport and about creating a safe and healthy sporting environment for all. They continue to inspire others to be their best selves and to chase big dreams, while also embracing positivity and important values.


Congratulations David, Nathan, and Caeli!