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Pointe-Claire honours the City’s dedicated volunteers on National Volunteer Week

The City of Pointe-Claire and Mayor Tim Thomas would like to extend their gratitude to all who volunteered over the last year. Your continued dedication and hard work is inspiring, and we thank you for being involved in the betterment and well-being of your community.

Mayor Tim Thomas believes that the community’s volunteers are one of the essential elements that make Pointe-Claire unified and one of a kind:

“The sheer volume of citizens who continue to volunteer their time and energy to their community is amazing, and I truly thank you for your involvement and dedication. National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to recognize how important our volunteers are and how much work they put in to making Pointe-Claire a fun, safe and pleasant place to live.”

Pointe-Claire has over 3,000 volunteers involved in numerous municipal activities, associations and events. This includes the over 30 members of the City’s Volunteer Rescue Unit (PCVRU) who braved last week’s freezing rainstorm to assist citizens in a time of need. We acknowledge their work and the work of the many who continue to put others’ needs above their own. Thank you for all your involvement, dedication, and accomplishments over the last year.

If you too wish to become a volunteer, or wish to be more involved in your community, contact us at 514-630-1200, or at communications@pointe-claire.ca.

Thank you for all you do.


City of Pointe-Claire and Mayor Tim Thomas