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Pointe-Claire is continuing its commitment to sustainable development

Québec Waste Reduction Week

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and the members of City Council are proud to recognize once again residents’ actions related to sustainable development for the benefit of current and future generations.

“Our residents are aware of materials reclamation, because they are aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Proper sorting at the source and the reclamation of compostable materials are key elements. Pointe-Claire is in second place among the Island of Montréal’s cities when it comes to residual materials management,” says Mayor Trudeau.

Québec Waste Reduction Week, which is currently underway and will run until October 23, is another opportunity to highlight everyone’s sustainable initiatives.

In Pointe-Claire, our track record proves our commitment to sustainable development. Reducing the frequency of household waste collection and increasing the collection of compostable materials, implemented in 2014, are part of these efforts. Numerous initiatives have also been undertaken in recent months to raise residents’ awareness of active participation in collecting compostable materials at home, by distributing free kitchen cones, hosting information meetings and developing an interactive kiosk for events.

“Our initiatives and behaviours help to optimize the reclamation of compostable materials that otherwise would end up in our landfills, with no added value and to the detriment of our environment,” states Mayor Trudeau.

Our positive actions are confirmed by the statistics. In 2014, some 257 kilograms of household waste per person was sent to the dump. That amount dropped to 212 kilograms in 2015. “That is a significant reduction of 21% in only one year,” boasts the mayor.

Moreover, in 2014, 107 kilograms of organic waste per person was composted, compared to 149 kilograms in 2015, an increase of 39%. Other initiatives were also implemented, such as establishing a permanent collection point for polystyrene and number 6 plastic.

“We are proactive and hope to offer our current and future generations the best possible planet. Québec Waste Reduction Week is once again giving us the opportunity to recognize our residents’ actions, and that makes us proud,” concludes Mayor Trudeau.


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