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Pointe-Claire pledges major financial support for repairs to the Pointe-Claire Windmill

At the council meeting held on Tuesday, January 16, the municipal council of the City of Pointe-Claire adopted a by-law to create a financial assistance program for the protection and enhancement of an important element of the City’s built cultural heritage. The purpose of the by-law is to provide financial assistance totalling up to $967,761 for the renovation of the Pointe-Claire Windmill.   

To enable the City to grant financial assistance under the Cultural Heritage Act, a by-law was required. The by-law defines the conditions for the restoration and conservation of the building, and reaffirms the City’s commitment to preserving the Windmill, which is privately owned.  

The building’s owner, which in this case is the Archdiocese of Montreal, must submit a request for financial assistance to the City. Once submitted, it will be analyzed in accordance with the current by-law. Additionally, the owner can take steps to obtain other sources of financing.  

Built in 1709 by the priests of Saint-Sulpice, lords of the Island of Montreal, the Pointe-Claire Windmill is one of only 10 windmills built in Quebec under the French regime that are still in existence. Classified as a historic monument by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec in 1983, the Windmill is considered both a heritage building and the emblem of the City of Pointe-Claire.