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Pointe-Claire Swim Club athletes win 182 medals

AA-AAA Provincial Invitational

The mayor of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, is proud to highlight the performance of the Pointe-Claire Swim Club athletes at the AA-AAA Provincial Invitational, which took place at the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Centre from December 7 to 9.

During four days of competition, some 700 athletes, who are among the best in Eastern Canada, faced off in individual events and relay races that highlighted different competitive swimming styles over various distances.

The 167 athletes representing the Pointe-Claire Swim Club won an impressive total of 182 medals: 63 gold, 57 silver, and 62 bronze.

In addition to these exceptional results, the athletes showed the best improvement in the Club in the past six years. In fact, over a total of 957 swimming events, the athletes improved their personal best times in 654 events, meaning that 67% of times were new records.

“Our young athletes have once again shone through their performance. They draw upon their talent with their constant efforts and renewed commitment toward their discipline and their team. Their spectacular progress motivates and serves as an example to all our athletes,” stated Mayor Belvedere.



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