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Pointe-Claire Village merchants opt for the status quo

Business Development Corporation

In a referendum held today on the creation of a Business Development Corporation, a majority of merchants in Pointe-Claire Village have voted to maintain the status quo to promote their activities.

“This referendum allowed everyone owning a business in Pointe-Claire Village to voice their opinion on the creation of a Business Development Corporation. A majority preferred to continue promoting their businesses independently, as they have always done,” stated Mayor Morris Trudeau.

The votes were counted and showed that a majority of merchants, 73%, voted for the status quo, with 44 against the creation of a Business Development Corporation and 16 in favour.

This referendum was held following a request submitted to City Council last August by 33 village merchants for the creation of a corporation that would promote the commercial activities of the area in a structured and united manner.

A provincial law governs the creation of these organizations, which involve mandatory membership. The law also requires a register of opposition to be open, which was done in August, and, if necessary, a referendum held to ensure the legitimacy of the corporation.

The results confirm the end of the project, and the law provides that this process can be repeated in two years if the merchants request it again.

“In the interest of transparency and a respect for democracy, we have allowed our merchants to express their opinion on the creation of a Business Development Corporation, and they have chosen to maintain the status quo,” said Mayor Trudeau in conclusion.

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