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Pointe-Claire Village public consultations

Continuing our actions for a quality living environment while enhancing the Village’s character and assets

The Pointe-Claire Village public consultations held last winter have once again confirmed the commitment of all residents to encourage the preservation of a quality living environment while enhancing the Village’s character and assets in a vision focused on sustainable development.

“We thank everyone who participated in the public consultation process, whether in person or online. The comments we have received confirm our common commitment to make our Village a quality living environment while respecting our vision for the future,” stated Mayor John Belvedere.

The public consultations have allowed the City to validate its policy directions and suggest improvements to the Special Planning Program (SPP) and the Village Code. The priorities are enhancing and preserving heritage buildings, tourism potential, and activities enhancing the view of Lake Saint-Louis while ensuring the safety of residents and improving mobility. La pointe Claire must also be preserved, development projects must be integrated harmoniously, and renovations to existing buildings must be supported.

“These conclusions reflect the actions made until now to improve the social and economic living experience in the Village. They allow us to continue our actions to make Pointe-Claire Village a quality location where people can live, work, and enjoy themselves,” added Mayor Belvedere.

A heritage conservation plan was already tabled last March in order to preserve the built heritage on la pointe Claire and guide homeowners in their planning projects. Last April, City Council also adopted a parking optimization policy. New signs directing visitors to available parking spaces have also been installed.

Since planning regulations are always complex, the Village Code will be improved in order to make it easier to understand.

The new Pointe-Claire Village Association will also allow for activities and promotions that will showcase the Village and increase commercial vitality.

“Public consultations allow us to better understand the challenges in managing a city. It is a participative management strategy that helps us to determine the best actions and obtain the best results. For the Village, we will continue to support the creation of a model living environment and a prime destination in the entire West Island for businesses and restaurants, as well as for cultural, sports, and leisure groups,” said Mayor John Belvedere in conclusion.


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