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Pointe-Claire wins the Prix Excellence GRHMQ

Following the GRHMQ 2023 annual conference (Human Resources managers of Quebec municipalities) held in Thetford-Mines this past week, we are proud to announce that the City of Pointe-Claire, thanks to the great work of its Human Resources Department, has been awarded the Prix Excellence GRHMQ for its effective implementation of the Certificat de qualité des initiatives de formations (CQIF). Among the finalists, four other Cities were in line to win this prestigious annual award.

Pointe-Claire is the first city in Quebec to have obtained, back in November of 2021, the CQIF, a measure established in 2008 by Le ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale. It was put forward to recognize the organizations whose skills development practices are exemplary, as well as enterprises that go beyond the requirements set forth in the loi du 1 % and adopt a long-term vision for organizational skill development.

This award recognizes the quality of an organization, its power of mobilization, and its involvement and dedication towards the most important organizational resource, the human being. And so, thanks to our Human Resources Department’s continued initiative and creativity, it has won this prestigious award.

Through this ongoing labor shortage, the creation of skills development partnerships with our employees becomes a competitive advantage in terms of retaining our labor in the current market.

Congratulations to all team members for their continued innovation, hard work, and dedication in the municipal environment. Your work did not go unnoticed!