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Pointe-Claire’s Public Works Department garners five awards from the Association des travaux publics d’Amérique

The City of Pointe-Claire is very proud to announce that its Public Works Department garnered five awards under the recognition program of the Association des travaux publics d’Amérique (ATPA), Les étoiles en travaux publics. The awards were presented during the Association’s recognition gala on October 28, 2021.

Outstanding manager
The first award won was for outstanding manager, presented to Normand Dufour, Senior Manager – Public Networks. He received this award for the commitment, efficiency and professionalism he has demonstrated during his 36 years with the City. Mr. Dufour is responsible for all supervisory staff and blue-collar workers at Public Works as well as the fleet of vehicles and equipment and the mechanical workshop. He plans and supervises the daily preparation, maintenance and repair operations for the City’s entire territory: in the streets, municipal parking lots, sewer and aqueduct system, on the sidewalks, bike paths, public spaces, etc.

Outstanding team
The outstanding team award was presented for the creation of the Solidarity Orchard in memory of the citizens who died from COVID-19. Some 80 apple, plum and pear trees were planted close to the Viburnum entrance to Terra-Cotta Natural Park. Vegetable garden planters were also added to  allow for a harvest the first year. The outstanding team award was in recognition of the scope of the project, its short timeframe and the various stages involved, from planning through to design, planting and harvesting.

New generation in public works
The new generation in public works award was presented to Kevin James Stavrou, Manager -Continuous Improvement, who has distinguished himself with his rigour, ambition, respect for the teams and existing processes, his ability to mobilize employees despite his young age and limited time with the organization, his ability to integrate into a team, and his desire to improve methods, to innovate and to develop his expertise, while respecting municipal directions.

Health and safety
The health and safety award was won for the creation of the new Training and Performance Office, which provides direct support to the department’s employees and creates tools and processes based on prevention, training and continuous improvement in workplace health and safety. Less than four months after the creation of the Office, a dozen initiatives were developed and integrated into the daily routines of Public Works’ teams, 43 corrective measures were implemented and seven presentations on prevention produced by supervisory staff and their teams.

National Public Works Week
Lastly, Pointe-Claire won the National Public Works Week award. During this thematic week, from May 16 to 22, 2021, citizens discovered the work performed by the men and women on the different Public Works teams. More than 77 varied communications initiatives were undertaken to celebrate the Week, in collaboration with the departments of Culture, Sports, Leisure and Community Development, Communications and Human Resources. This is the second award the City has received for this event, which also won the 2021 Canadian Public Works Association award.

The Public Works Department was also nominated in the outstanding team category in the public works innovation category for its new morning assignment process for the roads team.

These awards highlight the commitment and efforts of the Public Works teams in serving the population and making Pointe-Claire a great city to live in. Congratulations to one and all!


From left to right:

From the Public Works Department:
First row: Geneviève Rocheleau, Assistant Director – Public Works Department; Mathieu Auclair, Manager – Training and Performance Office; Kevin James Stavrou, Manager – Continuous Improvement; Second row: Normand Dufour, Senior Manager – Public Networks; Erik Rolland, Director; Third row: Alexander Leonard, Manager – Fleet

From the Communications, Culture, Sports, Leisure and Community Development and Human Resources departments:
Second row: Chloé Paiement, Communications Agent; Alyssa Barrette, Manager – Events, Logistics and Communities; Third row: Marilyne Dufour, Communications Agent; Sylvia Marsy, Business Partner – Human Resources.

Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca