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Pointe-Claire’s second Magical Royal Ball was filled with enchantment!

The second edition of the Magical Royal Ball, organized by the Pointe-Claire Public Library, was held at Stewart Hall Cultural Centre on Sunday, March 3.

The Grand Salon, decorated with coats of arms featuring the City logo, was once again transformed into a sumptuous ballroom to host this special event suspended in time and history.

Some 30 young people, accompanied by their “attendants,” were adorned in their finest regalia: princes and princesses, knights and ladies, fairies and other mythical creatures. Escorted by a royal crier, they were invited to greet the king and queen in the manor’s ballroom.

The Mayor of Pointe-Claire was in attendance, taking the opportunity to address the young participants and their royal entourages. Councillor Brent Cowan also attended the Magical Royal Ball and introduced himself to the royal family.

The City’s mascot, Buddy, true to form, dressed in his royal musketeer costume, was present at the festivities. He had the honor of being knighted in front of everyone at the ball.

A variety of activities, supported by volunTeens dressed as royal guards, were organized to entertain the many guests: tale readings, including two by the queen, crafts, a royal dance and a feast.