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Pools and hot tubs – Reminder of the safety regulations

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to remind you of the importance of remaining vigilant all year long when it comes to safety around residential pools and hot tubs.

Access to pools must be controlled at all times. Any pool, whether inground, semi-inground, aboveground or temporary, must be equipped with a ladder or staircase, an enclosure to restrict access and a safety control feature when the facilities are adjacent to a building.

Hot tubs must be equipped with a closed and locked cover when not in use or an authorized enclosure, be it a fence, railing or the wall of a building, to restrict access.

For more details on municipal by-laws related to the location, installation and use of pools and hot tubs, see chapter 5 of the City of Pointe-Claire Zoning By-Law on the provisions governing the treatment and use of outdoor areas.

These simple safety measures can save lives.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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