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Poor Air Quality Related to Quebec Forest Fires

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that due to the ongoing forest fires, which are raging through the North Shore and in Abitibi, a thick fog covers the greater Montreal area. The ‘Direction régionale de la santé publique (DRSP)’ mentions that it is possible that the air quality will continue to worsen this afternoon.

It is recommended that people who deal with a respiratory or cardiac predisposition avoid being outdoors. In case of illness, it is very important to contact Info-Santé by dialing 811, option 1.

For the general population, it is also advisable to limit your outdoor activities. Workers, who perform tasks outside and are required to be there, are encouraged to take breaks indoors. In addition, if the doors and windows of your establishment or residence are open, it is important to close them to prevent the spread of smog inside.

If you would like to know the air quality for the metropolitan area, consult the following link: bit.ly/45Mnfnl

Thank you for your understanding.