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Poutine Fest event in Valois village

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to take stock of the situation that began at the beginning of the week caused by the Poutine Fest event’s premature installations in the Valois Village. We were sorry to learn that the Poutine Fest event’s installations inconvenienced merchants in the area. The City believes that this event represents a great opportunity for merchants to welcome new customers.

In the wake of this situation, we recognize that there has been a lack of communication between the City of Pointe-Claire and the Valois Village Commercial Association, which is our primary contact in this type of exchange with businesses. This incident is an opportunity for the City to review its procedures in order to better organize special events moving forward.

Actions taken to promote access to businesses

As soon as we were informed of the situation, the City contacted the promoter to review the installation arrangements, and to limit the impact of its preparations on merchants and visitors of the Village, as well as to allow access to these businesses.

Following the requests made by the City, the promoter reviewed the layout of the event site and certain of their facilities to allow customers to access businesses throughout the weekend. A complete row of parking spaces has already been freed up to accommodate those who need to go to the Village. Please note that public parking spaces belong to the City.

The site remains fenced to ensure the safety of participants, but the barriers have been moved to allow better access to the shops.

We communicated our desire to create better contacts and to develop better collaboration with the Association for future opportunities. We will make sure to meet with them in the coming weeks to discuss this further.

We still hope that the event will generate positive benefits for the Village and its merchants, while also allowing visitors to rediscover it.

Traffic and parking

While the event is underway, with the Poutine Fest occupying the parking lot, visitors of the Village and of the event can take advantage of other parking lots located on Donegani Avenue. The Public Safety Department will be present to control the flow of traffic and help visitors find the various available parking spaces.

Please note that the Farmers Market, which takes place on Saturday mornings, will be relocated to the parking lot near Gare Valois.



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