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Reconstruction of a soccer field at Terra-Cotta Park

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that work to upgrade the soccer field known as “Terra-Cotta upper” on the west side of Terra-Cotta Park will begin this week and continue until the end of July 2021.

The work involves adding protective netting, a drinking fountain, shaded shelters for the players and a synthetic surface with lines that allow for one game with 11 players per team to be played or two games with 7 players per team. The field drainage system will be rebuilt and the lighting will be replaced with LED lights. The chain-link fence, stands and players’ benches will be reused. The entrance to the field will be completely redesigned and bike racks will be added.

The synthetic material will provide a high-quality playing surface and improve safety on the field. In addition, this type of field allows soccer lovers to start their season earlier in the spring, reduces maintenance costs, can withstand more frequent use without damage and is weather resistant, which will result in fewer closures due to field conditions. The synthetic surface also allows older players to participate with less fear of injury.

During the construction period, part of the Terra-Cotta Park parking lot will be reserved for vehicles and materials needed to carry out the work. Parking spaces will remain available near the chalet and the dog park. The path that goes from the parking lot to the field being renovated will be closed.

To ensure everyone’s safety during the work, park users are asked to stay outside the safety perimeter.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Information: 514-630-1208, ingenierie@pointe-claire.ca