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Registrations are open: Water saving kits

Update – June 1, 2023

The registration form for water saving kits is now online. Reserve yours now: bit.ly/3ossBmR

Registration for free water saving kits to begin on June 1, 2023

May 23, 2023

In an effort to lower the community’s water consumption, the City of Pointe-Claire is proud to announce that it will be distributing water saving kits to residents, while supplies last. These water saving kits are designed to waste up to 40 percent less water without compromising on water pressure.

Starting on Thursday, June 1, 2023, residents will be able fill out an online registration form allowing them to chose between two environmentally friendly water kits: one that features a fixed showerhead, and two sink faucet heads (50 kits available) or another that features a telephone-style showerhead and two sink faucet heads (200 kits available).

Only citizens of Pointe-Claire can reserve a water saving kit. Following your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Residents will be able to pick up the kit of their choice at the Public Works counter at City Hall (451 Saint-Jean Boulevard) as soon as Monday, June 19, 2023. You will need to present your MULTI card to obtain your water saving kit.

Thank you for taking concrete action in reducing our community’s water consumption. It takes all of us to make a difference. For more information about this campaign and our other water saving initiatives, visit the City’s website water consumption page: bit.ly/3ossBmR