Reminder about peddlers

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform residents that it has not authorized a private company to perform equipment inspections inside homes located within its territory.

As a safety measure, we recommend that you do not let strangers into your home for any reason whatsoever.

When the City must visit your home, we follow a strict process in order to ensure that the work is performed by a City employee at a time agreed upon with the owner. Also, our employees always carry proper identification as staff at the City of Pointe-Claire.

The City would like to remind residents that a peddling or solicitation permit is required for all door-to-door sales of goods and services.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Inspection – Public Security Department (514-630-1234). An inspector can also visit your home to confirm if a private company has the required permit to carry out its activities in the city.

Information: 514-630-1234, secpub@pointe-claire.ca