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Renovations to sports fields at Cedar Park Heights

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that renovation work on the tennis, basketball and softball courts at Cedar Park Heights will begin the week of August 31. The facilities will reopen in spring 2021.

For the tennis and basketball courts, the work involves rebuilding the foundation and the asphalt surface. The drainage network and the fence will also be replaced.

For the softball field, a higher fence will be built, which will include protective netting, and new benches will be added for the players.

The outdoor rinks will be maintained and moved to another location in the park this winter.

To ensure everyone’s safety during the work, park users are asked to stay outside the safety perimeter.

See the interactive map for other Pointe-Claire parks where you can practise these sports.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Information: 514-630-1208, ingenierie@pointe-claire.ca