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Review of the Urban Planning Program: citizen participation activities

In the context of the review of the Urban Planning Program, the City of Pointe-Claire invites its citizens to take part in the first online activity on the Pointe-Claire, It’s who we are! platform. The Urban Planning Department and the members of the City Council have developed a vision to guide the development. This vision, which proposes 10 statements, is the first step to guide the priorities expressed by the citizens of the future Urban Plan.

For this first activity, we invite the citizens of Pointe-Claire to read the vision statements, and choose three statements that they consider to be the top priorities for the development of our City. Comments can be added. Go to the Pointe-Claire, It’s who we are! platform to participate !

Throughout 2023, several participation and consultation activities will be offered to the citizens in view of the review of the City’s Urban Planning Program.  To collaborate and be informed at each step of the consultation process, we invite you to subscribe to the platform Pointe-Claire, It’s who we are! platform. Become an active and involved collaborator in reviewing the Urban Planning Program and its by-laws!

Pointe-Claire Planning Program

The Planning Program is the main urban planning management tool for the City as a whole. It presents the land use planning vision and directions, which then translate into the planning by-laws. Adopted in 2011, the Pointe-Claire Planning Program also includes three Special Planning Programs (SPP) to direct the future development of three sectors: Downtown (2018), Pointe-Claire Village (2016) and Valois Village (2017). The review approach was launched in 2019 and then was put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic.

Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca