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Shoreline Cleanup in Pointe-Claire with Blue Organization

The City of Pointe-Claire was proud to host environmentalist in residence, marine biologist, and founder of Blue Organization Anne-Marie Asselin, who conducted a shoreline cleanup at Edgewater Park, in Pointe-Claire, on Saturday, September 16.  

More than 20 volunteers were present at this gratifying community event, including several divers who performed an underwater cleanup of the Lake Saint-Louis, in search of trash and debris. Tires, plastic bottles, rusted metal rods and other discarded debris was retrieved by Anne-Marie Asselin and her team of volunteers off the shoreline of the park.  

Several other volunteers had the task of cleaning Edgewater Park’s green space and surrounding area, picking up water bottles, cigarette butts, metal cans and other waste that was found laying on the ground. It is thanks to the numerous volunteers that these shoreline cleanup events are such a success. We would thus like to sincerely thank everyone who aided in keeping our municipal green spaces clean.  

 Blue Organization and their mission 

This environmental conservation organization was founded in 2018, and since its inception, Anne-Marie Asselin and her team have strived to create a positive impact by cleaning up green spaces and shorelines across Québec, as well as help rethink environmental awareness and scientific culture.  

The organization ensures to mobilize dive teams to conduct underwater cleanups of several Québec shorelines, in hopes of retrieving debris and garbage that would otherwise be left to pollute local watercourses.  

Do you wish to volunteer at their next event? Visit their website for more information: https://www.organisationbleue.org/the-organization