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Snow and ice removal – Pointe-Claire: ever more efficient!

With a constant concern for the safety of its citizens and road users, the City of Pointe-Claire continues to seek new ways to outsmart Mother Nature.

Rain, ice…

With this in mind, de-icing operations over the 184 km of roads and 126 km of sidewalks have been optimized by a new two-step approach, focusing on both prevention and subsequent sustained actions.

Once winter conditions such as sleet or freezing rain begin, the frequency and quantity of abrasives spread will be increased to prevent ice accumulations. Since conditions are influenced by several variables, such as humidity, wind, dew point and temperature, they will be closely monitored using data from four weather stations located throughout the city. This data will provide greater predictability and allow for proactive actions to be taken more promptly. Lastly, in addition to the current equipment, new specialized equipment will be added to the fleet to optimize operations. Furthermore, additional vehicles and equipment will also be available in extreme cases.

…and snow

During snowfalls, efficient snow removal crews spring into action following a well-honed process. As soon as the accumulation reaches about five centimetres, two steps are repeated based on the amount and duration.

First, the main streets and sidewalks in areas near schools and health centres are cleared, followed by smaller roads.

Then, once it stops snowing, clearing begins. Snow is either blown onto lots or transported to a snow dumping facility, depending on the location.

To accelerate snow removal operations, citizens are encouraged to limit the time they are parked on the street. For safety reasons, municipal regulations prohibit piling snow in a way that obstructs drivers’ visibility, as well as dumping snow on public roads or the municipal right-of-way, or within 1.5 m of a fire hydrant.


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