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Solidarity orchard – Planting 80 fruit trees in homage to the citizens lost to COVID-19

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council announced the details of the solidarity orchard of 80 fruit trees that will be planted in homage to the Pointe-Claire citizens who have died of COVID-19.

“This solidarity orchard will offer our entire community a place to gather in memory of those who were tragically taken from us by the virus. We also hope that when the time comes, you’ll pick and savour a fruit, as a symbol of the contribution that each of these people made to our community,” said Mayor Belvedere.

These rows of apple, plum and pear trees will be planted near the Viburnum entrance to Terra-Cotta Natural Park, across from the Aquatic Centre. Planting is planned for September.

Planters for growing vegetables and squash will be added over the next few weeks, in time for harvesting at the end of the season. Thanks to a partnership with the West Island Mission, the harvests will be donated to Pointe-Claire families in need.

A commemorative plaque for the deceased will also be placed at the entrance to the solidarity orchard.

“I would like to thank Susan Weaver, the citizen who came up with the idea of planting trees to honour those we have lost. She planted a seed that has allowed us to launch this project that brings our community together, acknowledges our loved ones, contributes to biodiversity and offers food assistance in our neighbourhoods,” said Mr. Belvedere.

Mayor John Belvedere with Suzanne Scarrow, Executive Director, West Island Mission and Susan Weaver, Pointe-Claire citizen on the site of the orchard. A juneberry was planted to symbolically kick off the start of the landscaping work.