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Surveys, public meetings, and diagnosis will lead to SPP

Process begins to define future development of Valois Village

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, is happy to announce the launch of a process that will guide the future development of Valois Village with a focus on sustainability.

A Special Planning Program will be established for Valois Village in order to define the future and the development of this family-oriented neighbourhood with its own distinct commercial core.

“The Planning Program identified this as a special area characterized by its diversity of offer, mixed usages, and potential for development,” says Mayor Trudeau. “It’s a community-oriented life environment that includes a major park with recreational facilities, a community garden, cafés, restaurants, shops, boutiques, and the Valois train station, along with a wide range of residential options.”

The first stage of the SPP process, which will begin next week, is to establish a diagnosis of the current situation. Convercité is the firm selected through a call for tenders to carry out a participatory initiative that will reach the community through surveys, phone calls, and discussion forums involving merchants, residents, community organizations, and any person interested in Valois Village.

“This is an opportunity for residents to share their vision of the future for Valois Village,” explains the mayor. “It’s a crucial stage that will enable our teams to draw an accurate and realistic picture of the situation today. On that basis, they will be able to make recommendations focusing on quality of life and sustainable development.”

The Valois Village SPP will be a way of ensuring a quality environment, strengthening community spirit, protecting and enhancing heritage and landscape, suggesting changes to spatial arrangements and infrastructure, and emphasizing economic revitalization. The SPP covers the area along Donegani Avenue from Valois Park to Des Sources Boulevard.

An initial participatory public meeting, open to all, will take place mid-June. This meeting will feature a round table to ensure maximum possibilities for exchange.

“Merchants, members of community organizations, and residents are all invited to be active participants in the information collection process and to attend the public information meeting,” concludes Mayor Trudeau. “This is an opportunity for everyone to share their opinion and help us develop an SPP that will improve Valois Village for the benefit of our community.”


Source: City of Pointe-Claire
Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca