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Sustainable Development – New grant program for low-flow toilets

This program is over.

The Mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and members of City Council are proud to introduce a new grant program for the purchase of low-flow toilets. Rebates up to $90 will be available to residents wishing to replace their existing standard toilets.

“We are continuing to offer residents more concrete ways to contribute to sustainable development by encouraging them to use less drinking water and significantly reduce the daily volume of wastewater they produce,” noted Mayor Trudeau.

Under the grant program, all low-flow toilets, either single-flush or double-flush, are eligible provided that they consume no more than 4.8 litres of water per flush. It is recommended that residents purchase toilets with a MaP (Maximum Performance) rating above 1,000 g of waste evacuated in a single flush.

“Replacing 1,000 standard toilets would save 18 million litres of drinking water a year. Each step we take as individuals allows us as a community to ensure that people today and in the future will enjoy the positive impact of our actions on the environment,” said Mayor Trudeau in conclusion

Residents wishing to participate in this program must fill in the grant application form, which is available in the Low-flush toilets page. Please return the form to urbanisme@pointe-claire.ca together with all required documents. Forms can also be picked up at City Hall at the Multiservices Counter.

For full details about the grant program, please call 514 630-1206 or visit the page Low-flush toilets.


Information: 514 630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca