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Sustainable development – The City upgrades its lighting

The City of Pointe-Claire is modernizing its lighting system by replacing 3,200 cobra streetlights with light-emitting diode (LED) technology and integrating an intelligent lighting management system (ILMS).

LED technology is an environmentally-friendly solution that also meets visibility and road safety requirements. One of its great advantages is that the lifespan of its bulbs is five times longer than that of traditional bulbs. Moreover, the “dark sky” certification of the products chosen ensures a maximum reduction in light emitted skyward thanks to its directional lights, which also limit intrusive lighting in homes.

The ILMS will make it possible to remotely manage all streetlights in real time, optimize operations management and reduce maintenance needs.

This new lighting will enable the City to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 37.25 tons CO2 equivalent over a 25-year period, that is, the lifespan of the streetlights. Thanks to this initiative, part of a sustainable development process, the City will save an estimated $90,572 and $80,000 in energy and maintenance costs, respectively, per year. An assessment of the benefits will be conducted over the next few years to validate the initial objectives.

The work will be carried out over two phases. From November 8 to mid-December 2021, the company responsible for the work will be replacing 990 streetlights in districts 1, 2 and 4. Between January 2022 and summer, the company will replace the remaining 2,210 streetlights, on the City’s entire territory, and will add an intelligent lighting management system to some 485 streetlights already converted to LED. During the work, the material will be stored on various municipal lots.

Citizens can consult the site https://lumieresurlequebec.ca (in French) to follow the work as it proceeds and to find out more about this initiative.