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Tabling of a draft Interim Control By-Law

During the special meeting on April 19, 2022, City Council tabled a draft Interim Control By-Law, thus taking a new step in the ongoing revision of the Planning Program and planning by-laws.

This draft by-law replaces the Interim Control Resolution, adopted last February and valid for a maximum period of 90 days. Like the resolution, the Interim Control By-Law has the effect of freezing and allowing to govern or restrict the development of certain city sectors, giving time and space to pursue reflection on land use planning.

The Interim Control By-Law applies in particular to the downtown sector, large shopping centres, main multi-residential redevelopment sectors, Pointe-Claire village including the pointe Claire and Valois village. It is applicable to certain types of projects. For example, temporarily, no permit may be issued for the construction or transformation of a building for multi-residential use. In addition, no permit may be issued for the construction of a new main building on the site of the shopping centres identified.

It should be noted that the Mu1 (mixed-use area) zone, namely the land currently occupied by the CF Fairview Pointe Claire shopping centre, is not subject to the Interim Control By-Law.

The objective of the Interim Control By-Law is to continue reflection on the future development of the territory in connection with redesigning the Planning Program and planning by-laws, by considering both the interests of the community and the obligations listed in the development plan for the agglomeration of Montréal. This by-law can be modified or repealed at any time in a public meeting of City Council.

To view the draft Interim Control By-Law, click here.

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