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Temperature variations – Call for caution when travelling

Due to the mild weather, rain, and strong winds in the past several hours, we urge you to be more cautious when travelling, especially on sidewalks, since the weather forecasts are calling for temperatures to drop well below freezing by the end of the afternoon.

The strong winds recorded today during the thaw have contributed to snowmelt on yards along sidewalks, which will cause water accumulation that may freeze quickly, making sidewalks slippery, despite abrasives being spread.

“Rest assured that the entire City staff is dedicated and has been mobilized to make our streets and sidewalks safe, despite the conditions,” explained Mayor John Belvedere.

Our teams are working around the clock. All main streets and secondary roads have been cleared, as well as approximately half of local avenues.

The weather conditions this winter have proven to be a challenge in terms of removing snow and ice, repairing potholes, and clearing catch basins. Our Public Works teams are performing the proper operations to remove ice and spread abrasives in order to improve travelling conditions for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Information: 514-630-1230