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Thanks to the City Manager Mr. Robert-F Weemaes, and interim appointments

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, members of the City Council and all City staff thank the City Manager, Robert-F Weemaes, for his exceptional services in City administration for eight years, and wish him the best of success in his new duties as the Director General of the Association of Suburban Municipalities (ASM).

“I would like to mention the exceptional work of Mr. Weemaes while overseeing Pointe-Claire’s administration. Thanks to him, many projects were accomplished for the benefit of our entire community. He knew how to recognize the merits of people and showcase team innovation and excellence. He is a manager of experience, competence, integrity and professionalism, who leaves behind big shoes to fill”, pointed out Mayor Tim Thomas.

Mr. Weemaes has made major organizational changes throughout his career in Pointe-Claire, including a strategic planning process, major organizational changes and numerous achievements. These, in turn, enabled the City of Pointe-Claire to be an even more efficient administration, focused on improving services and the quality of life of citizens, for both current and future generations, all while respecting taxpayers’ ability to pay.

The departure of Robert-F Weemaes is effective as of next August 26.

During the regular meeting of August 16, Mr. Daniel Séguin, Treasurer and Director of Financial Services for the City of Pointe-Claire since 2017, was appointed Acting City Manager. Ms. Julie Robinson, Assistant Director of Finance, was also appointed as Acting Treasurer and Director of Financial Services. These two appointments are effective starting August 26, 2022.