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The City of Pointe-Claire adheres to the UMQ’s United for the Climate Declaration

The City of Pointe-Claire is proud to have adhered to the Union of Municipalities United for the Climate Declaration. With regard to the leading role of cities in the face of climate change, the United for the Climate Declaration of Commitment allows Pointe-Claire to reaffirm its devotion toward taking action. This implies adapting its territory, protecting its community and beginning its ecological transition.

The 2023-2030 Strategic Plan, adopted during the meeting of July 20, 2023, commits the City to taking steps toward accelerating the ecological transition on its territory through concrete actions. This in turn promotes an adaptation to climate change, while limiting environmental repercussions. https://www.pointe-claire.ca/en/strategic-plan-2023-2030/

It was during the Municipal Council meeting of September 5, 2023, that the members of the Council adopted a resolution to follow in the footsteps of the other signatory municipalities and to adhere to the Declaration of Commitment to the Union of Municipalities of Quebec: United for the climate.

“This is a step in the right direction and the City of Pointe-Claire is proud to take it,” declared Mayor Tim Thomas. “We are extremely happy to join forces with other municipalities in Quebec so that together we can identify avenues of action and concrete steps in the fight against climate change. With our membership, Pointe-Claire reaffirms its commitment to working on its ecological transition, which will offer a resilient living environment to its community, today and tomorrow.”

Collaboration platform

It is with enthusiasm that Pointe-Claire will collaborate with other municipalities on the Municipal Climate Platform. This municipal tool allows Quebec municipalities to unite their efforts against climate change by adhering to the various initiatives set forth to the Declaration. The objective of this program is to help cities reduce their impacts on the environment, increase the resilience of their territory and develop collective opportunities to adapt to climate change.

 This online platform aims to guide municipalities and their citizens towards more ecological transportation options, sustainable infrastructure and economic practices, financial resilience, more ecological management of residual materials, biodiversity, health and well-being, public safety, urban planning tools and the use of sustainable energy sources: https://pourleclimat.ca/chantiers-climatiques