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The City of Pointe-Claire receives its Generations’ Chair during a City Council meeting

During the City Council meeting on April 4, Sandra Maki, a local representative of the Mothers Step In movement, presented a Generations’ Chair to the members of the Pointe-Claire City Council. This chair, decorated by the children of École primaire Pointe-Claire, embodies the movement’s mission by reminding elected officials that the decisions they make today will have an impact on our children’s future.

To turn words into action, the grade four students from Ms. Virginie’s class reused materials available at school to decorate their chair. The large butterfly wings represent young people and their desire to fly freely on their own, in a healthy environment. On the wings, the children wrote words of hope for their future and words that carry meaning for them. The children left coloured handprints on the chair, symbolizing the imprint they wish to leave, and the changes they wish to make.

The Generations’ Chair must be placed around the table where decisions are made so that the sustainable future of our children is taken into account by elected officials. It ensures that a symbolic voice is given to future generations. The chair given to the City will therefore be installed in the Council Chamber, where the elected officials of Pointe-Claire sit.

“Following COP15, we made a commitment to realign our City’s priorities and place the environment at the heart of Pointe-Claire’s thinking and planning. While many environmental issues fall under municipal jurisdiction, we have many opportunities to build a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. The Generations’ Chair will be an important reminder that future generations are at the heart of our concerns and that, together, we can build a sustainable future,” says Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire.

Mothers Step In is a movement whose mission is to bring together women, mothers, and grandmothers to carry out change, education and awareness-raising activities that prioritize the protection of the environment.