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The City’s print publications are getting a makeover!

The City’s print publications are getting a makeover!

Over the past year, following the adoption of its 2023–2030 Strategic Plan, the City of Pointe-Claire began a major overhaul of the print publications it produces to inform its citizens, as well as the various tools it uses to communicate with them. As part of its commitment to improving services, the City is undertaking a digital transformation and adapting its print publications to this major transition.


Living in Pointe-Claire municipal newsletter

In the coming weeks, you’ll be receiving a revamped version of the Living in Pointe-Claire municipal newsletter. The format and content have been redesigned to bring you the latest news and pertinent information.

The newsletter will now provide an overview of current topics and direct you to the website and online platforms for more information.

Another new feature is that the municipal newsletter will now be distributed three times a year to inform you when the City’s cultural, leisure and sports programming is available online. It’s a way to remind you of the dates for registering for activities.


Cultural, sports and leisure programming

All of the cultural, sports and leisure programming for the 2024 winter session is still available in the Culture, Sports, Leisure and Community section of the City’s website. Consult it now.

With the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre being an important venue not only for Pointe-Claire, but for the entire West Island and even the Island of Montréal, a new print publication will be available to visitors to inform them of the season’s major events. You can find the brochure at the Cultural Centre, Library, Aquatic Centre and City Hall.


Welcome guide for new residents

Over the course of 2024, a welcome guide will be developed and distributed to new residents to let them know about the services offered by the City, the resources available and how various services work.

In 2024, we will continue our reflections and actions to optimize the communications tools offered to Pointe-Claire citizens and pursue the City’s digital transformation.



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