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The cross-country skiing and walking trails at Beaconsfield Golf Club are back

The City is pleased to announce that it will again offer cross-country skiing and walking trails at Beaconsfield Golf Club this winter, to the delight of outdoor activity enthusiasts of all levels.

The trails will be open as soon as there is enough snow accumulation to protect the course fairways. At least 20 to 25 cm of snow on the ground is needed before the City can begin trail-grooming operations and be sure the ground is protected. With that in mind, please do not try to ski or walk on the golf course before the official opening announcement is made.

Trails will be laid out for classic cross-country skiing and nature walks on the same two-kilometre loop. In addition, this year a new, shorter loop will be laid out inside the larger one. This activity is reserved for Pointe-Claire residents on presentation of a MULTI Card and is offered free of charge. The trail entrance is via Cartier Avenue. Dogs on leashes are allowed on the walking trail.

Once the season gets underway, you will be able check the updated conditions of the ski and walking trails, as well as those of the City’s various skating rinks, on the Outdoor skating rinks and cross-country skiing page.

Stay tuned to the City’s social media accounts for the announcement of the opening of the ski and walking trails as well as the skating rinks.

Clearpoint Park: new rink boards are coming

As in previous years, skating rinks will be set up in Pointe-Claire parks this winter. Our Public Works teams have begun erecting the rink boards and will begin preparing the ice surfaces once temperatures permit.

With an eye to ensuring sustainability, this year the hockey rink in Clearpoint Park is being fitted with new boards made of acrylic; these will be installed in mid-December. This will be the fourth rink to be converted to synthetic boards in recent years. Acrylic boards have a useful life of 10 years, making them a more sustainable option than wooden boards, which must be replaced every two to three years.