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The next steps in the New Planning Program: What to expect?

In February 2022, the City of Pointe-Claire adopted a first draft of its Planning Program at a council meeting.  The Planning Department used various strategies to mobilize Pointe-Claire residents and the business community: virtual discussion forums, in-person citizen workshops and discussion meetings with representatives and partners from the business community, in order to support the revision process. 

The City of Pointe-Claire held four citizen workshops on various themes: Evolution of Pointe-Claire’s Built Environment, Mixed-Use Planning, Mobility Matters, and Empowering Individual Contributions for Sustainable Urban Development. These workshops, led by the consultant BC2, enabled 275 residents to meet and discuss their visions for the future of Pointe-Claire. 

Several virtual activities were also carried out using the, Pointe-Claire, it’s who we are, platform. More than 230 people took part in these activities, which addressed the following themes: 2024-2035 Development Vision and Mobility Matters. 

In collaboration with BC2, over 15 interviews were conducted with businesspeople and partners from the industrial, commercial and office communities. The aim of these activities is to include specific economic development orientations in the planning program, and to ensure that everyone can participate in creating an attractive business ecosystem that generates wealth for the entire community. 

In winter/spring 2024, the City of Pointe-Claire will be organizing a fifth citizen workshop. This will provide an opportunity to review the recommendations received during the various previous activities and apply them to a planning exercise for the redevelopment of the public and private spaces surrounding Saint-Jean Boulevard, the heart of Pointe-Claire. A pilot project on the redevelopment of a commercial space will also be initiated in 2024. The format of the discussions will be defined over the coming months. 

The Planning team will then work with all municipal departments to revise the Planning Program, together with the regulatory tools required for its implementation. A public consultation will be organized to give all Pointe-Claire residents the opportunity to express their views on the city’s development. 

It’s important to remember that an urban plan is indispensable for a city, as it establishes the guidelines for its development over the coming years. This document becomes a reference that guides and frames land development. It defines the basis for new regulations, guides the content of the action plan and the means of implementing the vision. 

If you’d like to stay abreast of upcoming developments in the revised Urban Planning Program, or consult reports from recent workshops, subscribe to the Pointe-Claire, it’s who we are Web platform! 

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