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The winner for the month of December receives her prize

MULTI Card renewal contest

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, welcomed Ms. Martine Lheman, the winner of the MULTI Card renewal contest for December, at City Hall so she could receive her prize.

Residents are encouraged to renew their MULTI Card. There will be a prize draw every month among all renewed MULTI Cards.

Each prize includes practical and fun items in the City’s colours: a bag, an umbrella, a beach towel, a mug, a reusable water bottle, a lanyard, a pin, temporary tattoos, and a copy of the children’s book Leonard’s Composting Adventures.

To obtain or renew your MULTI Card, which is free and valid for two years:

  • Visit the Central Library, the Aquatic Centre, or City Hall.
  • Show a recent proof of residence (check the list here).
  • The card can be renewed three months before it expires.

Mayor John Belvedere and Ms. Martine Lheman, receiving her prize.