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Thinking about installing a pool in your yard?

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to remind you that installing a swimming pool on your property requires a permit from the Planning Department.

Permit applications can be submitted online or in person beginning June 1 at the planning service counter at City Hall. Wait times are to be expected because the teams on site will be reduced.

Permit applications will be processed within 30 days once all the required documents are received:

  • Completed application form (for in-person applications at the counter only)
  • Copy of the certificate of location or a scale plan identifying the proposed location of the swimming pool and the distances between it and:
    • the property boundaries (lateral, rear);
    • the main building (including the deck and its stairs); and
    • any other construction or structure.

The following details will also be required to process your request:

  • Type of pool (inflatable, above-ground, semi-inground, inground)
  • Shape and dimensions
  • Location of mechanical equipment (pump, filter) and the distances separating them from the property boundaries and the swimming pool.
  • Location and characteristics of the fence (height, material)
  • If the wall of a building is used for part of the enclosure, identify any openings (doors, windows).

Permit fees will be determined according to the cost of the work.

To ensure everyone’s safety, your pool must be surrounded by a fence that is 1.52 metres (5 feet) high with a gate that closes automatically and can be locked. If the main fence does not separate the pool from your home, a secondary enclosure measuring at least 1.2 metres (3.9 feet) high is also required.

For more details on the municipal by-laws surrounding the location, installation and use of swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs, see Chapter 5 of the Zoning By-Law on the provisions governing the treatment and use of outdoor areas in the City of Pointe-Claire.


514-630-1206, urbanisme@pointe-claire.ca