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Towards the creation of an assistance program to maintain affordable housing in Pointe-Claire

Social, family and affordable housing

The mayor of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council confirmed, at a regular meeting on August 17, their intention to institute various measures designed to protect and maintain the quality of the affordable rental and private housing stock on the territory of Pointe-Claire.

“Our goal is to ensure that housing is maintained or created on our territory in order to offer various types of dwellings that respond to the different needs of households. This new assistance program is designed to promote access to housing, its good overall condition and a harmonious and balanced coexistence among the different types of dwellings,” said Mayor Belvedere.

This affordable housing assistance program will encourage renovation work to extend the life of buildings and improve living conditions for the occupants, while responding to the overall principle of sustainable development.

It will also include regulatory tools to promote the inclusion of affordable, family and social housing in all residential development and redevelopment projects. The funds allocated to implement various tools to maintain the affordable housing stock will come from agreements concluded with development and redevelopment project promoters.

This is a first step in establishing City Council’s guiding principles and directions with respect to affordable, family and social housing. This step will guide the City’s teams in creating the tools needed to implement these measures and the assistance program.

These documents will then be presented at a public meeting at a later date, and submitted to a public consultation process before final adoption by City Council.

Résolutions 2021-424 et 2021-425