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Transition énergétique Québec programs

The Ministère de la Transition énergétique du Québec has set up four energy efficiency programs: Rénoclimat, Éconologis, Chauffezvert and Novoclimat. Through them, Quebecers have access to financial resources to improve their home’s energy efficiency and, in turn, significantly reduce their electricity bill.


Rénoclimat mainly targets residential renovation projects, more specifically single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes and buildings with 4 to 20 units. This program’s financial assistance covers certain types of work, such as insulation, replacement of windows and doors, sealing, and the installation or replacement of mechanical equipment (air conditioning units, water heaters, etc.).

To be eligible for the program, an assessment must be conducted by an agency mandated by the Ministère prior to the start of the work to determine the energy efficiency of the home. Homeowners may be granted up to $60,000.


With its two programs, Éconologis helps low-income tenants and homeowners make their homes more efficient. A free in-home consulting service is offered, providing tips for reducing electricity consumption in these areas:

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Hot water
  • Household appliances

During this visit, the consultant may also carry out some basic work to help improve the energy efficiency of a home or apartment. The consultant may also replace old conventional thermostats with new digital systems.

Chauffez vert

Funds from the Chauffez vert program are granted exclusively for projects aimed at improving a home’s heating method. The objective of this program is to promote the transition from systems that run on fossil fuels to those that run on electricity or any other type of renewable energy. This modernization is mainly intended to convert heating systems that are still fueled by oil or propane.

A form must be completed before removal or replacement work begins in order to take advantage of this financial assistance, since it is allocated based on the type of dwelling and heating method. If your home meets the criteria, assistance may be granted as soon as approval is obtained from the program manager mandated by the Ministère.


This program covers new construction. It applies to homes and multi-unit buildings, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs by approximately 20%. A Novoclimat house guarantees better ambient air quality and superior interior comfort. To achieve this level of efficiency, building specifications for new homes must meet higher technical requirements than Québec construction standards.

In addition, inspections are conducted before and after the work to certify that it has been done properly. Financial support of up to $4,000, mortgage rate reductions, and even a rebate from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) equivalent to 15% of the home’s value may be obtained.