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Updating of the Planning Program – Over 400 citizens share their ideas and opinions

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, is delighted with the participation of more than 400 citizens in the online survey and participatory workshops on the updating of the Planning Program that took place this fall. The online survey shows a very high level of satisfaction in the community with the current directions, with results ranging from 72% to 91%.

“These results encourage us to continue to do better in order to constantly adapt to changing social, economic and environmental realities, while still reflecting our common vision,” Mayor John Belvedere said.

The first part of the online survey asked respondents about their satisfaction with the City of Pointe-Claire’s development. They were then invited to share their opinion on the actions to prioritize in the updating of the Planning Program.

Citizens expressed that the following actions should be made a priority:

  • 89% would like to see an increase in the number of trees and 80% support sustainable building incentives for new construction and major renovations
  • 85% would like to see the parks and green space offer improved and the inclusion of green spaces in new residential projects
  • 85% feel that the renovation of existing homes should be promoted in order to retain and attract households.
  • 84% noted that in order to strengthen Pointe-Claire’s role as the commercial hub of the West Island, it is important to plan pedestrian-friendly developments
  • 82% feel that we need to continue developing the Pointe-Claire and Valois villages and 90% think we should protect mature trees and encourage planting on front yards to protect the character and friendliness of neighbourhoods
  • 81% believe that we need to encourage businesses to improve the surrounding environment for workers to ensure the vitality of the industrial park and
  • 80% think it is important to have standards to guide renovation projects and new construction in established sectors to preserve architectural heritage.

This survey was followed by two evenings of participatory workshops attended by citizens from eight districts whose suggestions, responses and comments will contribute to establishing the new directions of the Planning Program. In the winter, a new step in the consultation process will be launched on the Pointe-Claire, It’s Who We Are platform to let all citizens have their say on the new vision and proposed directions. Lastly, a public consultation on all of the proposed improvements will follow next fall.

“I am proud of the enthusiasm and involvement of the Pointe-Claire community. The many comments and ideas brought forward this year demonstrate how much people care about their city, just as we do,” Mayor John Belvedere concluded on behalf of City Council members.


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